“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.” — Calvin Klein

As a little girl, I often watched Mom as she put on her makeup in the morning. She would smile just before dusting the blush on the apples of her cheeks. And I thought, wow… makeup must really make a girl happy. And it surely does. As a matter of fact, during the peak of the Covid lockdown, the cosmetic aisle of my neighborhood drugstore was my happy place.

As we slowly emerge from the pandemic and get back into our daily and…

“Why is it I always get my best ideas while shaving.” — Albert Einstein

Call me traditional! But I like my men clean shaven. I guess the Russian Emperor, Peter the Great, did too. In fact, in 1698 he laid out a beard tax. After spending some time in Europe and seeing that the men there shave, he comes back home to Russia and thought about modernizing his country. Of course, the way to modernize it is to get everyone to shave. So, he ordered people who wanted to keep their beards to pay money… a lot of money. …

“Nature itself is the best physician.” — Hippocrates

I always look forward to hikes with my dear friend, David, along with his dogs every weekend. Aside from bonding with him and getting my dose of puppy love, it brings me closer to nature. Something about nature always soothes whatever ails me, takes away my stress, rejuvenates my body and makes me feel somehow stronger. And I truly believe a healthy body and mind leads to fabulous skin!!!

So, when I first heard about this natural health trend that has taken over Instagram chatting about Adaptogens, I just had to find…

“Too much of a good thing can be taxing.” — Mae West

This week I received a frantic call from a client who had purchased an over-the-counter retinol product and glycolic acid peel. Unfortunately, she used both at the same time and her skin reacted badly — it was red, irritated, and flaky. Yikes!

There are just too many topicals available now, over the counter and online, including glycolic acid, various vitamin A derivatives, and at-home peels. These skincare products, when used wisely and under the supervision from either a dermatologist or aesthetician, can stimulate the production of collagen and…

“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” — John Lennon

Ten months and counting… that is how long I have been unable to work, after owning my business and being busy running it for thirty years. Skincare has been my lifelong career and I really enjoy it… and miss it! For me, nothing beats the power of the human touch.

The prevailing emotions throughout this lockdown have been shock, disbelief and fear at the start, then determination to survive somehow. I’m sure, for many reading this blog, it has been a similar experience.

But I am also aware that for…

“Always remember to take your vitamins: Vitamin A for action, Vitamin B for belief, Vitamin C for confidence.”

I love my body wash. I admit, I picked it mainly for the pretty pink and gold packaging and the sweet scent. But I really like what it does for my skin — leaves it soft and moisturized after a bath and makes it firmer and younger-looking too. Checked the label… no wonder, it has Vitamin B3 among its ingredients.

What is Vitamin B3?

Vitamin B3 is a water-soluble nutrient that is a member of the Vitamin B family. The B vitamins…

“I’m not waiting for the stars to align… just my hormones.”

In my teens, I was at my ugliest. For the most part, I suffered from acne, bad hair days, and was just skin and bones (dogs thought I was a treat). Eew! So glad to be over that phase. The culprit… hormones.

So, what are hormones? And what do they do in the body?

Hormones are chemical messengers of the body produced by several glands transmitting messages to organs to control and regulate most major bodily functions such as hunger, reproduction, and our emotions. …

“Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light.” — Groucho Marx

I’m over 40 years old… a baby boomer in fact. On top of that I’m an aesthetician and skincare fanatic. So, any technology claiming anti-aging benefits always pique my interest.

Recently, it has been LED light therapy that has social media buzzing with celebrities and influencers, posting selfies with their LED masks. And so, I thought it may be a great time to talk about this popular treatment.

What is an LED?

LED, or light emitting diode, is a skincare treatment that uses varying wavelengths of…

“If you’re feeling blue try painting yourself a different color.” — Hannah Cheatem

When I think of blue light, I am reminded of the time I was driving on Wilshire Boulevard at night and from my rearview mirror I saw the flashing lights of a police car signaling me to stop. My violation — over speeding. That was terrifying! Never will I do it again.

But we are talking about a different kind of blue light. This particular blue light is a form of visible light, also known as high-energy visible (HEV) light. It is one of the several colors…

“All you need is love but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

Hi, my name is Marion Simms… and I’m a chocoholic.

In America, we love any excuse to eat a lot of chocolates, Valentine’s Day being one of them. Who can refuse those sweet treats in heart-shaped boxes? If your chocolate consumption concerns you, then it’s worth examining what the impact of all that indulgence will have on your skin.

While it’s true some women may notice a breakout a few days after eating a chocolate bar, sugar is to blame in this case, not chocolate. A…

Marion Simms

I have been in the skin care industry for over 25 years as teacher, beauty therapist, lecturer, consultant, writer and business owner of Skin Sense Wellness.

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